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Accelerate Microsoft Teams productivity

Over the past 18 months organisations have been forced to change the way they work, finding ways to keep communicating with remote workers and for teams to work collaboratively away from the traditional office environment.   Microsoft Teams has really stepped up to help bridge this gap and to help organisations stay agile and resilientContinue reading “Accelerate Microsoft Teams productivity”

Leverage your Office 365 toolset

In the cloud things are constantly evolving, it has pretty much become a way of life! Helping organisations leverage their full potential is the sole goal of the Office 365 toolset. To get the most out of your toolset and licences it is important to leverage these, especially when working collaboratively with SharePoint Online andContinue reading “Leverage your Office 365 toolset”

Empower your users

In the cloud things are constantly evolving, it’s pretty much become a way of life! The key is that when things change they need to be meaningful and help solve fundamental problems and empower users, change isn’t always easy however Casper365 is here to help!   The SharePoint and Teams solutions deployed in Casper365 giveContinue reading “Empower your users”