Casper365 – Office 365, SharePoint Migration & Automation


Leverage your Office 365 toolset

In the cloud things are constantly evolving, it has pretty much become a way of life!


Helping organisations leverage their full potential is the sole goal of the Office 365 toolset. To get the most out of your toolset and licences it is important to leverage these, especially when working collaboratively with SharePoint Online and Teams.


The need for collaborative working is greater than ever. Harness the power of the cloud and give users the autonomy to work as needed and be more productive, whilst protecting your environment from SharePoint sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards with Casper365.


An Azure cloud-based platform, Casper365 completely automates the deployment of your SharePoint and Teams sites up to 60% faster. With access to readymade SharePoint templates and the ability to replicate existing templates, all without the need for code or custom development. Allow the business to create their own SharePoint and Teams sites without the direct involvement of IT, utilising self-service, delegate user permissions and control your deployment champions, approvals process is available if required. All data is set up, owned and held by you in your Microsoft tenancy.


Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites, improving productivity and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is properly managed and governed.


The Casper365 cloud platform includes a mix of bespoke SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates, Casper365 templates and SharePoint Online support. These templates include SharePoint Online starter kits, project management, auditing and document management. Tired of setting up the same SharePoint site collections repeatedly for different teams and regions, you can redeploy these sites easily with a bespoke Casper365 template.


Reduce unnecessary admin burden on your IT teams and empower your users, improving SharePoint and Teams adoption, and enjoy total peace of mind. Get the most out of your Office 365 investment, whilst getting your teams working smarter, more collaboratively and all whilst reducing the burden on your IT team. Book your free demo today to find out how Casper365 can help your organisation work smarter.

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