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Why a simple ‘lift and shift’ will not work

A lift and shift migration means simply moving your data in its current state from on-premises to the cloud with little or no alteration. You can just copy your application from on-premises and ‘paste’ it into a cloud platform. This approach enables you to migrate data without changing the app’s fundamental architecture. There are some casesContinue reading “Why a simple ‘lift and shift’ will not work”

Power your digital transformation with Office 365 Tools

During the last year, the digital market has found itself substantially increasing, generating openings for positions such as Chief Digital Officers (CDO’s) Chief Commercial Officers (CCO’s), and the heads of marketing, all who are vital in leading and guiding this digital revolution.

Fast-track your business’s digital revolution

As cyber hacks become more advanced, advisors and leaders are looking to strengthen their cybersecurity, as well as looking to move from legacy to contemporary data platforms. As they are on the lookout for anything from saving money to speedier releases and extra improvement, innovative enterprise software shops are hard at work to transfer theirContinue reading “Fast-track your business’s digital revolution”