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Who Are We?

Casper365 cloud platform is a product offering from Business Cloud Integration that completely automates the deployment of complex SharePoint solutions directly into Office 365 and manages friction free migrations

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About Us

Casper365® is a cloud platform provisioning solution that completely automates the deployment of complex SharePoint solutions directly into Office 365. Casper365 automates and simplifies common SharePoint admin tasks, like the deployment of new site collections, the configuration of user permissions, and the reporting of audit data. You can also iterate tools, solutions and processes over multiple Office 365 tenancies, providing exceptional control, security, and insights. Casper365 gives you the tools to simplify SharePoint administration, freeing more time to focus on the business activities that drive revenue.


Any solutions you deploy are supported by the experienced Office 365 and SharePoint development team at Business Cloud Integration. What sets us apart from other implementations is that you are connected directly to our platform for continuous innovation and support. Our team and founders have decades of development experience delivering products, service and support to industry across a broad spectrum of requirements. The Business Cloud Integration focus is to conceive and deliver the solutions businesses need to operate more efficiently and effectively, and not to simply sell software.


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Sharon Sumner, CEO

"Deliver real business benefit, exceed expectations, transfer knowledge, love and share what you do."


CEO of Business Cloud Integration Ltd, SharePoint and Office 365 delivery partner in Cambridge UK. I Lead the Digital Transformation Team - helping businesses adopt the modern workplace using our Saas Platform Casper365 ™


We partner with our clients to guide them through the entire lifecycle of their SharePoint deployment, from initial guidance and Office 365 roadmap planning through to SharePoint design, build, development, and training.


Speaker for SharePoint Business Applications, Content Services and Power Platform tools (PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI). Charter partner with Microsoft's SharePoint Business Applications programme. Microsoft Gold partner specialising in cloud content and collaboration.


Leader of the Power Platform and User Group in Cambridge UK.. devoted to community events and collaboration.


Specialties: Information Architect, Office 365 and SharePoint online, Casper365, SharePoint Provisioning Services, SharePoint Business Analyst, Prince2 Practitioner, Scrum Master, highly experienced in business process improvement and change management.

Sharon Sumner Casper365

Anthony Sumner, CTO

"Generate real tangible business benefits, improved business processes, efficient sales processes and truly collaborative, knowledge sharing commercial environments."


Specialising in Azure Cloud Automation and Integration. Writing and architecting complex provisioning processes and Saas.


Focused on creating code and no-code solutions via Office 365 SharePoint Online where out of the box features are neglected. Simplicity is the fastest deliverable, code should only be used when a real gap can be established and then filling that gap with re-usable solutions.


An agile developer who strongly believes that iterative development and continuous delivery provides the fastest route to immediate business benefit realisation.