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As cyber hacks become more advanced, advisors and leaders are looking to strengthen their cybersecurity, as well as looking to move from legacy to contemporary data platforms. As they are on the lookout for anything from saving money to speedier releases and extra improvement, innovative enterprise software shops are hard at work to transfer their on-premises applications and other jobs/services to the cloud.  To begin with, a fantastic way to become truly active, inventive, and competitive is via the implementation of cloud-based solutions. Cloud adoptions are now taking place at a much-heightened rate among companies of all sizes and over all industries. The modern-day cloud now allows for increased scalability, better flexibility, and superior business continuity. Also, this new cloud offers access to well-known technical improvements such as the layout and design of the best possible platform for any company’s data and the easy and smooth transition of all workloads from on-premise locations.  At the most fundamental level, cloud migration is interested in getting data out of metal virtual machines and into the cloud. Even though there can and might be some instant cost benefits, the real quest for modern software efficiency won’t even start until you get to the cloud. The main objective is to implement cloud services to quicken expansion, empower teams to supervise infrastructure more independently, and of course, better your client and customer involvements.  The obvious benefits of migrating to the cloud are clear: 
  • Adaptability to meet the needs and requirements of growth 
  • No requirement to manage the product (Updates, Recovery etc.) 
  • Capability to meet local and nationwide safety and secrecy obligations 
  • Ability to offer flexibility and services to your staff, no matter their remote site 
  • Simplifying work methods and procedures to better control AI and HR 
  • Improved partnership, especially amongst separated teams and colleagues 
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we all watched as companies made the move from the office to remote working, as the demand for protecting the workforce and the need for social distancing grew. The former methods for conducting business were assessed and immediately determined to be not good enough. Technologies that for many were not used, or weren’t even known, soon became overnight essentials to manage this current environment, such as Client Management tools for controlling remote desktops and Microsoft Teams for meetings and conferences. These ‘newly discovered’ technologies were suddenly perceived to be the line between the company being considered as fundamental or redundant.  Empower the workforce with data in the cloud  It comes as no surprise that companies’ bosses and leaders see the cloud as a vital way to update their companies’ data platforms efficiently and successfully. With your company’s data in the cloud, it is easily and quickly accessible to those staff who best use it to drive better value. Staff can be encouraged to have more valuable connections with your clients and customers and therefore produce more responsive and receptive supply chains that can meet heightened customer demand.  Your company needs to be encouraged to change how you work, both from the inside and the outside, as well as being incredibly conscious of the effect it may have on both clients and staff alike. The new philosophy of businesses must require the need for a big change. New responsibilities must be outlined. Current staff need teaching to make sure they and you use the full benefits of the data.  This is where Casper 365 can help! Through automatically deployed business ready solutions like the SharePoint and Teams automation platform, Casper 365 can help you uplift your organisation fully into the cloud, helping you get the most out of your data, whilst teaching and empowering your team to work smarter and more collaboratively, no matter their location.   If you are interested in finding out more on Casper 365 and how it can help your company, then take a look at our blog 5 Reasons Why You Need Casper 365’  If you would like to chat through your requirements in more detail, then get in contact for a free, no obligation chat with one of our friendly team. 

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