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MS Teams and Casper365
MS Teams and Casper365

Accelerate Microsoft Teams productivity

Over the past 18 months organisations have been forced to change the way they work, finding ways to keep communicating with remote workers and for teams to work collaboratively away from the traditional office environment.


Microsoft Teams has really stepped up to help bridge this gap and to help organisations stay agile and resilient in these worrying times and there are now 145 million people using the Teams app.


Teams is no longer just a way to chat with others, people are working in Teams all day and using it as a real hub, bringing together meetings, chat, calls, collaboration, third-party apps, and business processes into a single user-friendly experience.


How do you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams?


It is important to ensure that you engage users and give them the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive, whilst protecting your environment from sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards.


Teams governance is much more than focusing solely on permissions, infrastructure, and whether the right people can provision and administer sites. Your organisation needs to enforce the policies that make sure that admins are controlling what your users are doing.


Casper365 can help with this. This Teams governance tool provides automatically deployed business ready solutions meaning you can empower your teams to be productive, safe in the knowledge that your governance is completely under control.


Utilising self-service delegate user permissions and control your deployment champions, allow the business to create their own Teams sites without the direct involvement of IT. 


Give your users the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive, while protecting your environment from sprawl & maintaining essential governance & compliance standards. 


Defined Teams & SharePoint site templates, sites can be labelled with project codes & full sensitivity labels. Ensure the creation of sites is restricted to those with authority, giving your IT governance team a single pane of glass overview of your entire environment. 


What Casper365 offers


Create & deploy templates for consistent, accurate & approved SharePoint Site & Teams creation  


Delegate the deployment of SharePoint & Teams sites with approvals, allowing users to create the exact sites as needed 


Govern and deploy complex SharePoint & Teams solutions. Control the creation of duplicate teams to prevent ‘Teams sprawl’, use our approvals process to enforce naming conventions 


Secure your Teams and SharePoint content with the ability to apply custom security settings with full visibility on who is sharing what and what is being shared externally and who with 


With full support and use of Casper365’s catalogue & ready to deploy templates and access to developers for additional feature requests & reduced rates on consultancy for other Office 365 related services, Casper365 helps accelerate your Microsoft Teams productivity and helps your team get to value faster.


We currently have a summer offer running where 1,000 users can subscribe to Casper365 for just £6 per user, find out more here or contact us if you have more or less users.

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