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Financial services digital trends

To prepare for the world of tomorrow organisations must stay on top of digital trends, this is especially true for the finance sector. In 2021 it is predicted that the use of automated AI will grow making financial services smarter.   According to The Economist Intelligence Unit there is expected to be an 86% increaseContinue reading “Financial services digital trends”

Digital transformation – how do you score?

Technology is constantly changing, are you? it is important that your organisation keeps up with ever changing technology and leverages the benefits it brings.   There are many key areas of a business that need to be addressed to effectively drive forward its digital transformation. Working on just a few areas will work, however theContinue reading “Digital transformation – how do you score?”

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

Let’s set something straight shall we?    We all know a lift and shift won’t work. If it worked then we wouldn’t need to do it, right? If your data was in the correct format and in the proper place, then you wouldn’t be moving it into the cloud. The whole point of migration is to improve.   The whole thinking behind moving data from left to right is flawed.     One of theContinue reading “Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration”