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Compliance and Security

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Organisations like Aerospace and Aviation, working under strict rules and regulations to protect their assets and the same time, they need to work with various 3rd party vendors/partners to collaborate and share their project details. Information breaches can have a negative impact on your organisation image and profitability and future project works.


Casper365 is a unique cloud provisioning platform that completely automates the deployment and migration of your SharePoint sites. In addition to this it’s Migration Centre, Project Management, Document and Digital Workplace catologue can help you get the peace of mind that your classified information is protected and helps your team work with external partners without risk.

These Office 365 products can be deployed in minutes to your tenancy with minimal input from busy I.T. departments.

All Included!

Casper365 Template Manager, Migration Manager and Information Management Centre are all included as part of your monthly subscription to the Casper365 cloud platform

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