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Leverage the full potential of Office 365 with Casper365, the perfect companion for any restructure, merger or acquisition

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What is Casper365?

Casper365 is a unique cloud provisioning platform that completely automates the deployment and migration of your SharePoint sites.


You get full access to the platform for an unlimited amount of users, including access to the Casper365 Template Manager, Casper365 Migration Centre and Casper365 Information Management. 


If you are looking to migrate your data properly the first time, then Casper365 is your perfect companion. Whether you are in the middle of a merger or aquisition, restructuring, need document management or are just looking to work smarter Casper365 provides friction free migrations from any data source into SharePoint Online. 


What Do I Get?

Template Manager

Template Manager

A mix of bespoke templates, Casper365 templates and SharePoint Online support ready to deploy at the click of a button. These templates include starter kits, project management, auditing and document management. With the ability to replicate existing SharePoint sites for another team or region, these will be added to your Casper365 solution catalogue ready to deploy, however many times needed.

Migration Centre

Migration Centre

Migrating your SharePoint sites is easy with Casper365, this cloud platform supports all complex requirements of any migration to SharePoint Online. With the power to apply sensitivity policies during the migration so your confidential material stays that way and an inbuilt metadata system that will help you attach to documents during your migration. Wherever your data is currently stored is not a problem.  

Info Management

Info Management

Whether you are looking at moving to the cloud, or there is a change in your business such as a merger, acquisition or restructure, your migration project needs to professionally planned to make it a success. Mapping out your environments is key in any data move, the Casper365 Information Management platform will provide you with a snapshot of your data to help you create a successful migration plan.


Fully backed by an experienced SharePoint support team

Time Saving

Deploy 60 times quicker. Fast, efficient and right every time.

User Control

Delegate access allowing users to create the exact sites needed


Same site every time. Consistent and compliant

Self Service

Users can click to deploy. No more IT support tickets to create a project site

Complex Solutions

Deployed with ease. However complex the solution


Leverage Office 365's Full Potential

The days of on-premise server, hardware and local drives and out of date Office versions are long gone. Ensure you are leveraging the most out of what is available to your organisation, getting the maximum out of your Office 365 toolset.


Helping organisations leverage their full potential is the sole goal of the Office 365 toolset. Using the Casper365 platform alongside will uplift your organisation fully into the cloud, helping you get the most out of your investment, getting your team working smarter, more collaboratively and all whilst reducing the burden on your IT team.

Casper365 sharepoint automation platform migrations

Over 1 million client files migrated to SharePoint Online including sensitivity labels and metadata – WOW!”


Kymab are enjoying a self-service, modern workplace with users able to progress work efficiently and be more productive with minimal reliance on IT.


We have benefited greatly from Business Cloud Integration’s Continual Development Service. It has allowed us far better flexibility in our project delivery & enabled us to run various projects simultaneously. This has improved our delivery time & reduced the overheads for internal project management.”

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