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About Kymab

Based in Cambridge, UK, Kymab are making better medicines by continually improving the best antibody technologies.

Their vision is to be a global biopharmaceutical company, an inspirational home of molecular immunology driving the development of novel drug substances.

Working with partners, including the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, to provide novel solutions in drug and vaccine development. Kymab use their unique technology, to rapidly develop broad diversity, high quality human antibodies against challenging targets and create a mature and long-term vision for success in tackling some of the most challenging diseases.


SharePoint Online is widely accepted as the best Document management tool in the market today, but organisations are failing to exploit its capabilities leading to productivity and efficiency challenges:


– Without suitable controls the platform can easily become a tangled mess of bespoke sites and layouts


– However, over governance of SharePoint encourages the use of shadow IT and data loss risk


– The modern workplace needs to provide the organisation’s employees with real-time data management, based on sound governance to prevent loss of confidential or critical business data


– Although the management of Office 365 remains an IT function, document management, like data management are a business accountability


– Many organisations, like Kymab, need to ensure compliance of data availability, format, provenance and user access management.


The Casper365 deployment platform for Office 365 provides end user deployable, bespoke site creation adhering to business and regulatory compliance requirements and supports best practice governance without the accompanying high IT support costs.



With a rapidly growing business, Kymab needed to find a consistent, compliant and quick way to create and manage projects in SharePoint Online. Having moved to the cloud and already having SharePoint on premise the business knew too well the IT overhead needed to support SharePoint. Specifically, Kymab needed to find a way to empower their users with a modern document management system without the overhead of a specialist IT team to keep up with the business demand for the platform features.



Kymab selected Business Cloud Integration as their partner due to the diversity and development skills in the team and experience in the industry. As a specialist SharePoint Online development team Business Cloud Integration have designed and developed many Project Management Solutions rapidly delivering significant, measurable benefits to their clients across many industry verticals.


Business Cloud Integration had already created an out of the box PMO solution for deployment into SharePoint Online. This meant that Kymab could realise benefits immediately, significantly increasing the return on investment and reducing the total cost of ownership.


Using best practice design principles Business Cloud Integration have developed the Casper365 deployment platform. Casper365 is an Azure based Software as a Service subscription platform that allows a business to delegate SharePoint deployment to end users.


Working together with Kymab, Business Cloud Integration developed a specific set of sites for deployment by different teams with each project rolling up into a central PMO dashboard. The user management module enabled delegation of permissions; allowing users to create only the appropriate new sites for their teams.


The Casper365 platform is accessed directly from a client’s Office 365 tenancy or via the websites using their Office 365 credentials. Casper365 uses delegated permissions to create sites, add and manage external users and has a level of optional governance for notification or approval of external site creation freeing IT staff to focus on other key systems as the business continues to grow.



Kymab recognised early adoption of the new SharePoint Deployment Service would rapidly deliver benefits and are enjoying a self-service, modern workplace with users able to progress work efficiently and be more productive with minimal reliance on IT.


They are seeing greater adoption of the SharePoint Platform and continue to design and refine their sites to better use the collaboration toolset.