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Migrating to SharePoint? Merging? Acquiring?

Merging your Office 365 data and need to understand differences between sets of information?

Casper365's SharePoint Information Management provides a full information map helping you to plan a successful SharePoint migration. 

Understand Your SharePoint Site Collections


Scan your SharePoint site collections to get a detailed report showing you what they contain, helping you understand what data needs to be included in your SharePoint migration plan.

Easy to See

See what information you are holding in different Office 365 tenancies. Understand what data is held in your SharePoint site collections, where this is held, when it was last updated and which users have access.

Sensitivity Labels

Understand your SharePoint sensitivity filters, helping you keep confidential documents that way. Providing full governance and access control during your SharePoint migration.

Migrating SharePoint Data

Whether you are looking at moving from on premise to the Office 365 cloud, or there is a change in your business such as a merger, acquisition or a restructure and you need to move to a centralised Azure tenancy, your SharePoint migration project needs to properly planned out to make it a success.

What does your current environment look like as planning this SharePoint Online data migration without a fully informed migration plan could be damaging to your business?  

Casper365's Information Management Centre is designed to provide a smooth transition into the world of Office 365. Understanding what information you are holding strengthens your position in any merger or acquisition.

move data to the cloud


Understand what your SharePoint site collections really contain to help you migrate the correct data


Understand who has access to what to help with SharePoint governance control


For migrations through Office 365, SharePoint Online and Teams, understand what data you currently have

Sensitivity Filters

Keep confidential documents that way with full SharePoint sensitivity labels


Helps you create an informative SharePoint migration plan taking into account all site collections

Last Accessed

See when SharePoint files were last accessed to give an understanding of relevance

All Included!

Information Management Centre is included as part of your monthly subscription to the Casper365 cloud platform

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