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SharePoint template manager
SharePoint template manager

Empower your users

In the cloud things are constantly evolving, it’s pretty much become a way of life! The key is that when things change they need to be meaningful and help solve fundamental problems and empower users, change isn’t always easy however Casper365 is here to help!


The SharePoint and Teams solutions deployed in Casper365 give your users the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive, while protecting your environments from sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards. Users can be assigned a site deployment allocation, with defined SharePoint and Teams templates, and sites can be labelled with unique ideas or project codes. This ensures that the creation of sites is restricted only to those who have the authority to do so, guarantees that each site has been provisioned properly, and gives your IT governance team a single pane of glass overview of your environment.


Service delivery automation in Casper365 means that you can delegate controlled functionality directly to the business. You determine which users can create sites, what type of sites they can create, and how many they can deploy to ensure that your environment is properly managed and governed. Delegating permissions for these sites in advance reduces the time lag in getting projects off the ground – a bonus for your end users – and significantly reduces unnecessary admin burden on your IT teams – a bonus for you! Empower your users, improve SharePoint and Teams adoption, and enjoy total peace of mind.


With automatically deployed business ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, safe in the knowledge that governance is completely under control.


Helping organisations leverage their full potential is the sole goal of the Office 365 toolset. Using the Casper365 SharePoint and Teams automation platform will uplift your organisation fully into the cloud, helping you get the most out of your investment, getting your team working smarter, more collaboratively and all whilst reducing the burden on your IT team. To find out more or to book your personalised demo, contact us today.


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