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SharePoint Governance

To get the most out of your SharePoint and Teams sites it is important to first consider governance. 


SharePoint governance is much more than focusing solely on permissions, infrastructure, and whether the right people can provision and administer sites. Your organisation needs to enforce the policies that make sure that admins are controlling what your users are doing. You also need to closely monitor the Active Directory, groups, admin controls and SharePoint sprawl.


Every enterprise is unique, and your governance plan should match your organisation’s needs. To create a governance plan that is tailored towards your environment, it is important to consider these following things:


Decide initial principles and goals. Develop a governance vision, standards, and any policies that you can use to measure and track compliance.


Classify your business information. Organise the information your business holds according to an existing taxonomy, or if you do not have one then now is the time to create a custom one. Once you have organised your information, you will need to design an information architecture that manages this.


Create a training strategy. The most important element in the success or failure of your SharePoint is the people factor. Therefore, it is important to create a full training plan that shows users how to use SharePoint correctly, according to the standards and practices that you have implemented. Your plan should cover what types of training are required for specific user groups and any required training tools.


Ongoing plan. Governance needs to change and adapt with your business. Successful governance is ongoing, and it is important to regularly review new requirements, re-evaluate and adjust governance principles as needed. 


If you are looking at simplifying your IT governance and control, Casper365 can help.


Casper365 gives your users the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive, while protecting your environment from SharePoint sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards. Users can be assigned a SharePoint site deployment allocation, with defined SharePoint site templates, and sites can be labelled with unique ideas or project codes. This ensures that the creation of sites is restricted only to those who have the authority to do so, and guarantees that each site has been provisioned properly, giving your IT governance team a single pane of glass overview of your entire environment.


With automatically deployed business ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, safe in the knowledge that the governance is completely under control.


SharePoint solutions are deployed on the Casper365 platform using managed Office 365 credentials, to ensure that the right people have access to the right permissions and information as determined by your team. Enhanced reporting and monitoring means that you can accelerate your users’ productivity while easily monitoring and maintaining key compliance standards.


Casper 365 offers a range of business ready solutions that can be deployed instantly, easily customised to fit your business requirements, and that are designed by a team with decades of experience and world class SharePoint Enterprise Content Management expertise. To find out more or to book your personalised demo, contact us today!


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