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digital transformation scorecard
digital transformation scorecard

Digital transformation – how do you score?

Technology is constantly changing, are you? it is important that your organisation keeps up with ever changing technology and leverages the benefits it brings.


There are many key areas of a business that need to be addressed to effectively drive forward its digital transformation. Working on just a few areas will work, however the most agile organisations are constantly working on all areas.


The areas you need to be concentrating on are:


– Understand the Tools

– Understand the People

– Focus on Value

– Always Integrate

– Empower Self Service


Find out how well your organisation scores in each of these areas by taking Business Cloud Integration’s Continual Development Scorecard. This personalised scorecard will help you understand what areas you are strong in and what areas you could be working smarter, along with helpful steps explaining how your business can improve.


Take the scorecard now to find out how your organisation scores and take a valuable step towards your digital transformation.

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