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Since the first computer programmers, developers have been interpreting their results to challenges they come across into workable commands recognised by computers.

Nowadays, AI-driven software tools are letting more people create software solutions by utilising the language they use when speaking to others and interpreting it into communication understood by computers.

Driving this shift is Codex, a system learning model with the ability to convert our spoken language instructions into code for several different computer languages.

This growth in production to software development that Codex has brought about is revolutionary, allowing developers to conduct countless tasks in as little as two minutes that before would have taken hours.

AI and code join together

In 2019, Microsoft joined together with OpenAI, Codex’s creator

to quicken and increase AI advancements, which included creating some of the most influential AI supercomputers that we have ever seen.

In addition, GitHub, Microsoft’s subsidiary, worked with OpenAI in order to incorporate Codex into GitHub CoPilot, a tool that utilises Codex in order to pull the framework out of a developer’s current code and then recommends further purposes and code.

Now an increased number of developers are testing and investigating with Codex and GitHub Copilot, finding more evolving clues for the possibilities of AI-supported development. Codex can also be seen as a training tool for other developers, as many will explore other programs and ways to fix their own individual challenges.

From low code to no code

Meanwhile, AI-driven low code and no code tools, for example, Microsoft Power Platform endeavour to help billions of people to create the software apps they need in order to solve their individualised issues.

At present, hundreds of millions of people are now happily working with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel and can simply shift those skills into Power Platform where they can develop these kinds of software apps.

This move from low code to no code from AI keeps to a common trend of computing growing over time to become more freely available. This also spans software development as well.

The software-driven future for developers

As well as low code and no code options, GitHub Copilot is seen to be the first part of AI-driven development. At one point in the future, we may see AI-driven tools supporting developers of all skill sets to clean data and check code for mistakes.

These elements are seen as one section of a greater concept that allows AI-driven tools to function as assistants that aid developers to find solutions quickly and easily to their issues and support all who want to create an application, beginning with an idea they had to a section of software that works.

This latest cycle of AI-supported software development could well be the start of a better way of working for developers including greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing software development to become more organic and available to a wider proportion and groups of people.

Developers and the businesses in which they work are always interested in furthering their understanding of the latest software developments, creating better productivity and efficiency whilst helping more people to create apps and learn new skills.

This can all be possible with Casper365!

The Casper365 Azure-based cloud platform includes a mix of bespoke SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates, Casper365 templates, and SharePoint Online support. These templates include SharePoint Online starter kits, project management, auditing, and document management. Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites by up to 60% faster, improving productivity, and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types, and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is effectively managed and governed.

With automatically deployed business-ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, and safe in the knowledge that the governance is completely under control.

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