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Sharepoint Azure migration platform
Sharepoint Azure migration platform

Partners Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migrations

When it comes to an Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration, we all know a lift and shift doesn’t work. If your client’s data was in the correct format and in the proper place, then they wouldn’t need to move it. The whole point of migration is to improve, and this is the outcome your client is looking for.


The opportunity here for a partner to be involved in a migration process is to help the customer to make the right decision. We do not want the customer to think that all they must do is move the data into SharePoint because that is incorrect. For a successful migration you will need to first, cleanse the data, then understand who owns it and engage with them and then move the data into a location that will scale moving forward. 


Part of these considerations are not just SharePoint. SharePoint is now a part of the fabric of Office 365. It is no longer a standalone product. It is integral to O365. What that means is even though OneDrive, Teams etc are all in SharePoint, they are all part of ‘the document layer’. SharePoint is for document and data management. It is not a relational database. So, we are largely talking about document and lists of data and then an automation layer on top, but we will not be delving into that right now.


The partners job is to manage the business change so that people understand what is going on, why and how we are moving it and to plan scalability and the future growth of the data whilst being able to provide the customer with a better solution than they already have. Otherwise, honestly, what’s the point?


This is where Casper365 can help, developed from years of us being involved with customers and understanding and interpreting their data. Casper365 is designed so that you can plan your clients migration by region or department and create a pre-migration report that can be used to get sign-off.


Once signed off the job can be scheduled, the migration will create a post migration report to update you with the result: what migrated successfully, if any issues arose and how they were then resolved.    


This allows you to use that data for communicating back to your client and talking to each department about the migration. It also allows a complete audit trial as all data gets uploaded to a site collection on your tenant. This means in a year from now when someone asks a question relating to that data, you have it on record, ready to go.  


Want to find out more about how the Casper365 can help you manage multiple client tenancies all in one complete platform – claim your free demo today.

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