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SharePoint automation platform
SharePoint automation platform

Downside of Other SharePoint Provisioning Platforms

Have you used or researched the use of a SharePoint Provisioning Platform and found elements that have put you off using them? Are you worried about what happens to your data and how secure it is in the platform, or worried that you will be tied into the platform if you wish to use your SharePoint templates going forward?


Not all SharePoint Provisioning Platforms are the same!


Other SharePoint automation platforms keep your data tied into their system but not Casper365, set up your data, in your tenancy and your Azure environment. Use your security controls and have full control over who can access your data. Once your Casper365 subscription ends your templates are already in your Azure environment and fully owned and managed by you, meaning there are no tie-ins, and you don’t lose anything.


Casper365 works like a magic wand, migrating your SharePoint data, helping you automate and manage your SharePoint templates 60% faster and all without a single piece of code. You select what SharePoint templates or site collections you need, or if you want to replicate existing templates for different regions or teams. With a simple click of a button Casper365 waves its magic wand and moves these to your Microsoft Azure tenancy, ready for your teams to start using.


Another difference is that your Casper365 subscription includes FULL access for an unlimited amount of users to:


Casper365 Template Manager – A mix of bespoke templates, Casper365 templates and SharePoint Online support ready to deploy at the click of a button. These templates include SharePoint starter kits, project management, auditing, and document management.   


Casper365 Information Management – Mapping out your environments is key in any SharePoint data move, this provides you with a snapshot of your data helping you create a successful migration plan.


Casper365 Migration Centre – Supports all complex requirements of any migration to SharePoint Online. With the power to apply sensitivity policies during the migration so your confidential material stays that way.


Other SharePoint Provisioning platforms provide elements of the above, however with Casper365 you get the complete SharePoint automation platform, leverage the full power of your Office 365 licences all from one powerful cloud platform.  Casper365 can help you get to value faster, book your free demo to find out for yourself.

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