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Casper365 - SharePoint Online sites
Casper365 - SharePoint Online sites

5 Reasons Why You Need Casper365

With the landscape of enterprise content management rapidly changing to incorporate the speed and size at which content is growing, it’s no surprise that over 300,000 organisations, including 85% of the Fortune 500, have turned to SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365 for their content services.


The way enterprises interact with and manage their growing levels of content is being transformed, and now we are finally seeing enterprise content management solutions in Office 365 that are actually designed for the benefit of the day-to-day user, while simultaneously serving broader business content functions.


To support the deployment of business ready solutions in SharePoint and Office 365, Microsoft Gold Partner Business Cloud Integration have created Casper365: an SharePoint migration and automation cloud platform that leverages your cloud platform to improve business productivity and drive user adoption. Read on to see why CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and department heads trust Casper365 to deliver fast, secure and compliant SharePoint sites in their organisations, up to 60x faster.


– Business Ready Solutions at the Touch of a Button


Casper365 simplifies the deployment of complex sites and features by deploying fully configured, customised SharePoint site templates into your environment quickly and easily.


Casper365 gets your teams to work instantly with automated SharePoint site deployment. Rather than sites being created as empty shells that need configuring, customising, and populating with appropriate documentation, Casper365 instantly deploys consistent and well-structured project sites, pre-populated with the requisite documents, templates, permissions, flows and features. This means that your teams can begin new projects at the click of a button, safe in the knowledge that they have everything they need to just get stuff done.


– Simplified IT Governance and Control


The SharePoint solutions deployed in Casper365 give your users the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive, while protecting your environment from SharePoint sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards. Users can be assigned a SharePoint site deployment allocation, with defined SharePoint site templates, and sites can be labelled with unique ideas or project codes. This ensures that the creation of sites is restricted only to those who have the authority to do so, guarantees that each site has been provisioned properly, and gives your IT governance team a single pane of glass overview of your environment.


With automatically deployed business ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, safe in the knowledge that governance is completely under control.


– Secure by Design

SharePoint solutions are deployed on the Casper365 platform using managed Office 365 credentials, to ensure that the right people have access to the right permissions and information as determined by your team. Enhanced reporting and monitoring means that you can accelerate your users’ productivity while easily monitoring and maintaining key compliance standards.


– Empower your Users

Service delivery automation in Casper365 means that you can delegate controlled functionality directly to the business. You determine which users can create sites, what type of sites they can create, and how many they can deploy to ensure that your environment is properly managed and governed. Delegating permissions for these sites in advance reduces the time lag in getting projects off the ground – a bonus for your end users – and significantly reduces unnecessary admin burden on your IT teams – a bonus for you! Empower your users, improve SharePoint adoption, and enjoy total peace of mind.


– Collaborate, Integrate, Motivate!

The Casper365 platform delivers seamless integration with an extensive range of existing and 3rd party business applications to give your teams enhanced access to all the tools they need to get the job done. Leveraging the full power of Microsoft tools and the fully mature Casper365 API means that not only do you gain unparalleled insights and enhanced functionality from your SharePoint environment, but your teams can continue to use the 3rd party tools they know and love. People are happiest using the tools they know, and happy users make for successful SharePoint adopters.


Casper 365 offers a range of business ready solutions that can be deployed instantly, easily customised to fit your business requirements, and that are designed by a team with decades of experience and world class SharePoint Enterprise Content Management expertise. To find out more or to book your personalised demo, contact us today.

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