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Use Modern Collaboration Architecture as a guide to help your business utilize SharePoint

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When it comes to shaping your business approach and establishing goals for the digital workplace: how will the technology assist the organization in achieving its objectives, what are the demands of your end-users, understanding and leveraging modern collaboration architecture (MOCA) is vital. MOCA is a guide to interpreting all the tools in your toolbox, the needs each technology meets, and in what environment and allows companies, teams, and people to view the Microsoft 365 services as well as supporting advanced cooperation. The MOCA Standard is applicable for most companies with personal, team, community, and managerial focus.

MOCA is all about driving the adoption of the tools and new behaviours, that really push the value for and of the organization. Using new digital workplace tools helps bring about change in the ways of working and will create new digital cultural norms.

One of these workplace tools or services is SharePoint.

SharePoint is a Microsoft 365 service that facilitates distribution and partnership across your company. With Microsoft 365, you can build a safe and beneficial collaboration environment for your consumers. SharePoint powers a great deal of this, but the partnership in Microsoft 365 extends beyond the conventional SharePoint site. OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and various governance and protection alternatives all play a part in building a valuable environment where consumers can work together effortlessly, whilst your company’s protected data remains safe.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a centre for partnership by joining together all the Microsoft 365 group-associated services in an individual user experience, with continual chat. Inside the Teams experience, individuals can immediately access SharePoint and other services, all without the need to change applications. This offers a unified partnership space with a specific place to oversee permissions.

Protecting your intellectual property

When it comes to safeguarding your company’s intellectual property, it’s important to search for a balanced approach.

A structure that grants users the ability to share data without restrictions can lead to unintentionally distributing classified data. Yet, on the other hand, a user experience that is tricky to make use of or overly restricted can lead to users looking at other partnership choices, sidestepping your own governance procedures, which, in the end, lead to an even greater risk than before.

By using a mixture of Microsoft 365 services together with SharePoint, services such as Data Loss Protection, Defender for Cloud Apps, and Microsoft Defender for Office 365, you can build a collaborative environment that is simple and effective to use and offers the safety and auditing controls that your company requires.

Not only this, but by selecting choices that encourage users to self-service, you can reduce the impact it will have on your IT staff and generate an easier practice for your users.

Tools to create a safe collaboration environment

Microsoft 365 offers a selection of tools that you can apply with SharePoint to build a safe collaboration environment that meets your governance needs and empowers your users to work effectively:

  • Control external sharing. 
  • Monitor information.
  • Review users. 
  • Protect against malware. 
  • Manage devices. 
  • Classify and protect information. 
  • Manage risk. 

 Casper365, our Azure cloud-based platform, gives your company and its users all the help they need to adopt SharePoint: enhancing efficiency, and driving user implementation.

SharePoint solutions are deployed on the Casper365 platform using managed Office 365 credentials, to ensure that the right people have access to the right permissions and information as determined by your team. Enhanced reporting and monitoring mean that you can accelerate your users’ productivity while easily monitoring and maintaining key compliance standards. Casper365 automates the deployment of your SharePoint and Teams sites up to 60% faster. Find out more by chatting to us today! Our Office 365 and SharePoint Online experts at Casper 365 are here, ready to help you make the most and achieve the best from your systems! 

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