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See how your company benefits, thanks to the new features from the SharePoint Roadmap

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April and May brought a whole load of great new features and updates for SharePoint and its related technology, all focused on enhancing employee encounters and collaboration. These exciting updates and features include Viva Topics insight analytics, Microsoft Stream, SharePoint App Bar, Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists Calendar view, OneDrive, and SharePoint: Access your Teams standard & private channel files and Microsoft Purview.

Viva Topics insight analytics

Once you have initiated Viva Topics in your Microsoft 365 tenant, the total number of files processed is shown and from that, the subject matters of these files are discoverable. As further subjects are revealed, and as your experience managers and users become involved, a clear subject count will be seen, including a summary of the uncovered topics, generated by users, concealed by settings, and removed. This is a perfect way to stay up to date on what Topics is accomplishing and its effect on your colleague’s daily work experience.

Microsoft Stream: Reference an audio or video file in OneDrive and SharePoint

This enables the user to conduct discussions on an audio/video file stored in OneDrive or SharePoint through a consistent and easy commenting experience, similar to those utilized in Word, Lists, PowerPoint, and Excel.

SharePoint: Design from the SharePoint app bar

This latest feature enables the user to produce files, sites, and lists from inside the SharePoint app bar.

As the users develop each one of the various assets incorporated in the panel, they will introduce the design experience for each format.

Build and operate Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams

Create low-code, device-friendly apps from Lists right inside Teams through the blending with Power Apps. A published app can be included as a tab in a Teams channel and distributed with the rest of your team, whilst retaining a link to the list as a supplier of the data.

Although this feature is not new and has been here for a while, its value is that now users can go from lists that they set up or added as a tab in Teams and benefit from designing an app experience all within Teams itself.

Microsoft Lists Calendar view experience: ‘Unscheduled’ Pane

Now available is a new ‘Unscheduled’ tab located within the events pane inside the Calendar view. Users can select items with details such as missing start or end dates, open the edit form and then make the suitable edits to organise these items.

OneDrive and SharePoint: Open your Teams standard and private channel files

So much takes place in SharePoint as users build and utilize the diverse types of channels in Teams. The related Files tab within each channel produces a distinctive folder for the files in that channel. Now when the user steers towards the document library of a site connected to a team, an “In channels” segment becomes visible. This section incorporates all basic and private channels content within that Team.

Microsoft Purview: The place for Microsoft 365 compliance solutions

Microsoft Purview joins together the combined data governance from Data & AI & risk and compliance solutions in Microsoft Security, all being merged under the Microsoft Purview brand name. This shift unites Microsoft 365 compliance solutions and Azure Purview into a single setting.

These exciting updates and new features will help your business to create an intelligent intranet on SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and reap the benefits that come with investing in business outcomes, such as cutting IT and development costs, increasing business speed and agility, and up-leveling the energetic and bespoke quality of your intranet.

Looking to put these new features to effective use, modernise your intranet, or just looking to understand more about how SharePoint and Microsoft 365 could benefit your company? Then Casper365 can help.

The Casper365 Azure-based cloud platform includes a mix of bespoke SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates, Casper365 templates, and SharePoint Online support. These templates include SharePoint Online starter kits, project management, auditing, and document management. Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites by up to 60% faster, improving productivity, and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types, and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is effectively managed and governed. It also ensures that your users have the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive while protecting your environment from SharePoint sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards.

With automatically deployed business-ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, safe in the knowledge that the governance is completely under control.

We offer a range of business ready solutions that can be deployed instantly, easily customised to fit your business requirements, and that are designed by a team with decades of experience and world-class SharePoint Enterprise Content Management expertise.

Do not hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help you. Chat to us today, tell us your goals, and see how we can help make them a reality!

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