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Vital to every successful business no matter the industry is the development team. A team Microsoft are dedicated to empowering.

Microsoft Cloud, with its end-to-end platform, allows developers to effortlessly innovate whilst building a reliable base for all their apps.

This year’s Microsoft Ignite looked at how Microsoft can increase efficiency and flexibility through Azure’s low-code app expansion and cloud-native solutions that allow developers to build software faster and therefore get it live as soon as possible.

Quicken advancement with the most comprehensive cloud developer platform

At the centre of Microsoft Cloud, the complete platform empowering developers to create remarkable solutions, is Azure.

Azure, the fundamental infrastructure that allows users to create whatever they want.  By utilising apps such as Azure DevOps, users can create much more responsive methods and develop a more effective approach to their software and services.

Through encouraging all in the business to participate in the development processes, especially due to the rising pressure for capable digital solutions which has meant companies haven’t had the employees with the tech skills needed, driving them to alter and revise their IT development approach, IT is able to grow the business’s technical capability, speed up development, and modernise the company, all cost-effectively.

Boosting quality and efficiency for hybrid teams

The objective and creation of Microsoft’s developer cloud is to encourage and assist teams throughout the complete software development. Azure delivers a cloud infrastructure that creates a quick, strong, flexible app that scales, simple to sustain, and manage.

At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced the availability to preview Azure Deployment Environments.

  • Microsoft Dev Box presents developers with cloud-based workstations of superior quality to allow them to rapidly code.
  • Azure Deployment Environments empowers teams to create the infrastructure necessary to run and drive a project in the cloud instantly.
  • Microsoft Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments join together to allow developers a comprehensive cloud-driven workflow for any project, completely controlled by the IT admins.

Push, at scale, app modernisation and development through cloud-native architectures

By utilising cloud-native apps, new-found levels of scale and performance and even superior consistency can be found. Employing cloud-native design models facilitates users to attain the productivity, and speed of improvement that businesses are searching for in order to provide the benefits required by their clients. Azure Kubernetes Service allows developers to take full advantage of the service’s ecosystem and apps. The Fleet Manager, now in preview, lets users control and run multi-cluster workloads, guaranteeing reliable configuration, governance, and access over the company’s Kubernetes environment.

How streamlining enterprise apps allows users to do more with less

Platform service offerings such as Azure App Service and Azure Spring Cloud, fully managed by Azure, are distinctively separated for Java and .Net users, as they allow clients to streamline apps with a quicker developer pace and as few code changes as possible. Through Azure’s services, where users can upload the supervision of the infrastructure to Azure, businesses and the development team will finally be able to concentrate their efforts on app invention and not the handling, safeguarding, and modernising of the infrastructure. This often means reduced costs resulting from upgrading company apps by utilising already available skillsets.

Reorganize low-code governance in businesses

Microsoft offers a leading low-code platform, through the Power Platform, that permits creators to experience collective elements, letting businesses bring in low-code resources to the core framework, allowing IT to manage it fundamentally. Power Platform runs above Azure, therefore profiting from Azure’s effective protection and sophisticated administration abilities.

This can be achieved through Managed Environments, a now available resource that allows for simplified governance at scale and gives users a heightened level of control over factors such as security and sharing limitations.

Low code, a significant tool for upskilling the current workforce

Power Platform has proved vital in allowing millions of users to create project-vital business apps and to create more with less. With the latest Power Up program, those users with no dev background knowledge can transform their roles with a managed teaching program alongside a training community. This program offers training and accreditations, acknowledging those users who shine.

Empowering a development team with an Azure cloud-based platform is no small feat. Therefore, training and upskilling those with little or no development background can seem like a mammoth task.

Casper365 can help!

The Casper365 Azure-based cloud platform includes a mix of bespoke SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates, Casper365 templates, and SharePoint Online support. These templates include SharePoint Online starter kits, project management, auditing, and document management. Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites by up to 60% faster, improving productivity, and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types, and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is effectively managed and governed.

With automatically deployed business-ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, and safe in the knowledge that the governance is completely under control.

We offer a range of business-ready solutions that can be deployed instantly, easily customised to fit your business requirements, and that are designed by a team with decades of experience and world-class SharePoint Enterprise Content Management expertise.

Chat with us today, tell us your goals, and see how we can help make them a reality!

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