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Across all businesses and trades, no matter their location, enterprises are working tirelessly in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the business and add to their current and present digital assets. Not only that, but they are also doing all this whilst discovering and learning what they need in order to be profitable and productive as they incorporate cloud technologies into their reinvented business approach.

Like many businesses have found, the Covid 19 epidemic has forced companies to implement a broader use of cloud computing technology whilst pushing them into utilizing a hybrid (mix of one or more public clouds and on-premises) or multicloud (multiple public clouds) structure.

Multicloud and Hybrid approaches empower business results

Even though the epidemic has hastened the use of cloud technology, many companies have decided to remain active and invest in cloud technologies, in particular hybrid and multicloud, especially in the coming years.

Businesses are highlighting the need for remote work, raising demands for effectiveness, and helping to lower costs, bringing it back to the main objective: that these tools and technologies are vital to the business’s success as they allow for new scenarios, increase resource productivity and boost business responsiveness. Numerous companies have found that utilizing hybrid or multicloud solutions led to direct business results with many of these organizations opting to use these technologies for a specific tactical purpose such as a cloud simply for AI. This is due to requirements such as flexibility and scalability becoming vital to those companies that are interested in risk management and the capability to govern data and gain digital independence.

Encouraging customers to gain flexibility

Microsoft are determined to support this need for flexibility, which is why they designed Azure to be hybrid by design and supported the need to invest in the use of cloud-native technologies. In fact, in 2019 they presented Azure Arc, a unified way for clients to operate, manage and safeguard their complete digital landscape across multiple clouds. They have also urged clients and customers to select familiar cloud-native tools or services to develop and implement their applications to on-premises and multicloud environments.

Finding these right tools isn’t always easy. For teams that spend a sizeable portion of their time working remotely, such tools effectively become their workspace. These digital workspaces must create an environment that fosters growth, productivity, collaboration among team members, and integration with existing applications.

So, control the power of the cloud with Casper365, the complete companion for any enterprise implementation, restructure, or acquisition.

An Azure cloud-based platform, Casper365 completely automates the deployment of your SharePoint and Teams sites up to 60% faster.

Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites, improving productivity, and driving user adoption.

The digital transformation has never been easier thanks to the tools and capabilities provided by Office 365. Your workforce will no longer need to search for project files or data. If they are part of the project, they are part of the group — if they are part of the group, they will have instant access to all the information they need.

Using the Casper365 SharePoint automation platform will fully elevate your business into the cloud, allowing you to get the most out of your investment, whilst your teams collaborate smarter, quicker and at the same time lowering the burden for your IT team. 

The Office 365 and SharePoint Online experts at Casper 365 are here, ready to help you make the most and achieve the best from your systems! Chat to us today, tell us your goals and see how we can turn them into a reality!

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