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migration beta program

Migration Beta Program

Do you regularly work with data merge or migration to the cloud?


Have you seen things go right and wrong more than a few times, and have great ideas on best practice?


If you’ve answered yes we would love your valuable input on the migration focused tooling we are developing!


We are opening phase 2 of the Casper365 Beta Program and would love for you to be part of this! 


We have created a unique set of tooling in Casper365 that allows us to perform, with increased speed and efficiency, the mergers and acquisitions functions needed for Office 365 clients an would love your feedback to build on this.  During our decades of experience we have developed what we believe is the most powerful SharePoint and Office 365 automation platform and we are now developing migration focused M&A tooling to allow us to operate the migration of data.  


We are looking for a limited number of Beta Partners to be part of the Beta Programme testing for this cloud provisioning platform. This cloud platform is continually updated to do amazing things and we would love your help!


You will have full access to the Casper365 platform, including the Template Centre, Migration Centre and Information Management, with the ability to access and serve numerous tenancies. In return we ask for feedback on elements you think could be improved, any future features you would like to see and case studies and testimonials that we can use for marketing purposes.


Sounds fab, right! If this is something you want to be part of be quick as there are only limited spaces and once they are filled they are gone. Find out more about the Casper365 Beta Program here.

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