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Microsoft Teams and Casper365 improving the drive for business efficiency

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These last two years have seen major and forever-altering changes to the ways in which we work. From office environments to fully remote setups and now the new normal: hybrid working, companies have been pushed to update and alter the ways in which they work in order to support their staff (both remote and in-house) and their clients with their new needs and requirements. Finding a way in which to better communicate with these groups and therefore better benefit their company is now a top priority to users.

One way in which they have done this is by employing Microsoft Teams.  

Teams is no longer seen as just a way to communicate with others, it is a centralised and personalised hub, connecting meetings, calls, collaboration, documents, and enterprise processes and methods in an individual user-friendly experience.

Company benefit from Microsoft Teams

Businesses are focused on guaranteeing that they engage with their staff and clients alike by granting them the independence and productivity to work in the way that they see best, all whilst safeguarding the company environment and preserving vital governance and compliance procedures.

Companies must implement and oversee policies, especially those with admins or management that monitor what users, both inside and outside the company are doing. Teams’ governance needs to be much more than just concentrating on approvals and infrastructure.

Businesses are now on the lookout for a Teams governance tool that can fully support and leverage their company.

This is where Casper365 can help. Our tool offers organisations automatically implemented business-ready solutions to empower teams to be safe and productive whilst management can be happy knowing that their company’s governance is protected and properly managed. User permissions can be set ahead of time and deployment champions can be assigned, giving users the ability and knowledge to set up their own Teams sites without the direct involvement of the IT department.  

The IT governance team will also get a single pane of glass overview of the entire environment by ensuring the creation of individual Teams and SharePoint site templates are restricted to just those who have permission, freeing up and taking some of the responsibility and stress off of that department.  

What Casper365 can offer businesses

Govern and implement intricate Teams and SharePoint solutions. Utilise our approvals process to apply naming conventions, therefore, restricting the creation of duplicate or identical teams.

Create and deploy templates for approved, reliable, and correct Teams and SharePoint Site design.

Secure Teams and SharePoint content by applying personalised security settings covering full visibility so companies can see who and what is sharing and being shared with, both internally and externally.  

Delegate the implementation of SharePoint and Teams sites by way of permissions and approvals, permitting users to build the particular sites they need, when they need them.  

Utilise Casper365’s complete collection of ready-to-deploy templates and low-price consultancy rates on Office 365-related services to help drive your Microsoft Teams efficiency and support all of your company’s governance needs, helping your team and organisation get to value faster.

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