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How Microsoft Security, a trusted partner, and Casper 365’s governance centre can help your business do more with less

Data Security

The permanent move over the last year to hybrid work has allowed companies the opportunity to be remote and moveable. Enhanced implementation of private and public clouds has led to an increase in originality, agility, and size. Meanwhile, ransomware has grown exceptionally and remains just as, if not more sophisticated. This new way of working has allowed the conversation to now be concentrated on how Microsoft and their partners can help each client focus on their defense initiatives while finding the best way to get the most out of their current solutions.

Security services: Vital for the coming year  

Microsoft has looked into finding better insight into the high-ranking trends that are driving their protection and identity prospects. These include:

  • Workplace Security. Thanks to the move to hybrid work, this has seen the largest growth. Microsoft are happy to see customers reaping the benefits from the increased safety capabilities added to Microsft 365 and are recruiting trusted partners to help.
  • Demand for Multicloud and other cloud security services. Due to the swift move to cloud services, an ever-changing risk backdrop has been created, forcing companies to better safeguard cloud resources and applications. Those companies lacking the knowledge or assets to do that are looking for partners to assist with procedures such as safe cloud migrations, and defence management for all levels of cloud-based infrastructure. 
  • Compliance-associated managed services. More and more partners are beginning to develop their overall protection services to include compliance, which is why this has become the latest and fastest-growing area for many partners. 
  • Identity solutions are another area powering a large amount of partner growth. Ensuring entry for all entities, human and non-human is vital for the connected world of today. Partners are benefiting from these investments with repeatable identity-specific protection solutions and managed services.

Microsoft Security partners are continuously improving and expanding their current offerings and developing new offerings in these areas, delivering their exclusive experience, capability, and knowledge for efficient and cost-effective service delivery. Protection deployment, solutions development, and managed services are now more important than ever before.

Boosting the value of existing investments

Supporting clients to implement and completely leverage products they already have is one of the greatest ways partners are delivering on customer value.

When security products have been implemented, clients often need help evaluating and classifying security information in order to supervise their ecosystem. Microsoft has seen a large rise in companies on the lookout for a reliable managed detection and response partner to support them in distributing time-consuming work and strengthening their current in-house protection units. Microsoft is always looking for the best ways to easily help their partners deliver greater value with their solutions. For example:

  • Many companies do not have loT security and the ones that do need help to integrate it into their broader programs. Microsoft Defender for loT allows the partners to resolve both issues for their clients. New native integration with Microsoft 365 Defender allows users to safeguard all endpoint types.
  • Even though small to medium-sized companies have to deal with similar risks as larger organisations, they often do not have a similar level of resources. Microsoft Defender for Business delivers next-generation security, endpoint discovery and response, risk and liability management, and automatic analysis and remediation, all wrapped up in a cost-efficient package that is simple to execute and manage.

Microsoft partners have an incredible chance to highlight their protection expertise, push new growth, and make a real-world influence.

Looking for a partner and security solution to help? Well, this is where Business Cloud Integration Ltd and the Casper365 Governance Centre can help.

Casper365 gives your users the autonomy to work as they need to and be more productive while protecting your environment from SharePoint sprawl and maintaining essential governance and compliance standards. Users can be assigned a SharePoint site deployment allocation, with defined SharePoint site templates, and sites can be labeled with unique ideas or project codes. This ensures that the creation of sites is restricted only to those who have the authority to do so, and guarantees that each site has been provisioned properly, giving your IT governance team a single pane of glass overview of your entire environment.

The Casper 365 Governance centre allows your business to create dynamic reports from your data and automate governance on a custom rules engine, created for your company and easily personalised whenever you need it!

With automatically deployed business-ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, and safe in the knowledge that your governance is completely under control.

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