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Microsoft 365, the advocate of business and cloud-based efficiency presents companies with a variety of features, apps, and tools created to help improve the user’s capability to collaborate and connect with those inside and outside the organisation. Key benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

  • Cloud flexibility
  • Working remotely, regardless of location
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Protection
  • Cost optimisation
  • Organisation longevity
  • Better communications
  • Accustomed and comfortable user experience

Cloud Flexibility

Microsoft 365 is supported by a flexible, trustworthy cloud infrastructure meaning there is no longer a need for locally stored servers. As a result of eliminating all physical hardware, companies will have much more time and energy to concentrate on important tactical tasks whilst cutting the daily costs related to technology, storage, and staff. As Microsoft manages the infrastructure themselves, businesses will always have the latest upgrades and versions of the tools to use as and when needed.

Working remotely, regardless of location

These last couple of years have hugely emphasised how vital it is for employees to have remote access to their documents and files whilst allowing them and offering them the tools they need to stay as efficient and valuable regardless of location.

Microsoft 365 permits users to collect and store their documents in the cloud allowing them to access them anywhere and at any time from multiple devices or from a browser.

If the staff has saved all their important documents within Microsoft 365 then they are able to access them, even without an internet connection.

Partnership and collaboration

A huge highlight of Microsoft 365 is its real-time partnership and collaboration potential on documents made easy with tools such as SharePoint. Employees can simply communicate a certain link to a file and then others can edit and update that document together, all at the same time.

Plus, SharePoint also works with Microsoft 365 applications. Hence, there is no need to come out of Microsoft Teams to save a document as it will automatically update and save in places such as OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365’s partnership capabilities also mean users can distribute their calendars with others in order to see who is free and when and set up meetings without double booking.


Microsoft 365 was created for the security of all organisations. Microsoft themselves look after the backend of the infrastructure allowing users to gain company-class protection and compliance as a standard.

Straightforward safety procedures such as Multi-Factor Authentication, offer another level of authentication, helping to secure all Microsoft 365 accounts.

Depending on the organisations Microsoft 365 plan, there are higher levels of security procedures that can be put in place if required and many businesses will decide to work with a Managed Service Provider in order to support them with the management of their Microsoft 365 environment.

Cost Optimisation

Microsoft 365 is a subscription offering. This allows organisations to always work with the latest upgrades and versions without added monthly costs when a new feature is released.

A selection of Microsoft 365 licenses and plans are available so each business can select the plan that best suits their business’s needs.

Organisation longevity

It is important for companies to know that no matter the location, a bad internet connection, or a damaged device, all data, documents, etc are safe, stored, and kept within Microsoft 365’s strong cloud infrastructure. No matter the situation, employees will always get access to their files remotely allowing the company to remain operational.

This, alongside another benefit of Microsoft 365, it’s built-in file recovery in the case of accidental deletion, allows companies the peace of mind and protection of their data.

Better Communications

Microsoft Teams is so much more than just a ‘chat’ tool – it is a highly functional part of communication and business continuity.

Some of its features include:

  • Versatile chat function, allowing users, teams, and groups to instantaneously communicate
  • A variety of Teams & Channels, communication rooms where teammates can chat and store important files
  • Important incorporation with SharePoint and OneDrive – Documents added to or within Teams discussions are automatically saved into a folder which is also available to access via SharePoint online.
  • Online gatherings. These meetings can hold hundreds of users at one time and allow others from outside the organisation to join in and interact.

Accustomed and comfortable user experience

Business change is never an easy thing. Yet, many organisations have been familiar with the ‘traditional’ Microsoft offerings for many years and have been using them in one way or another meaning a transition to Microsoft 365 is usually not only beneficial but also means a much smaller impact on the company resulting in a higher employee adoption rate than for other current platforms.

It is easy to see the abundant benefits of Microsoft 365, from superior flexibility, productivity improvements, and reduced costs to enhanced teamwork and communication. Companies must have access to the right tools in order to allow their business to grow and their employees to remain agile and productive, no matter their working location.

Finding the right tool and the right partner for the job is not always easy. For those teams that are spending more time working remotely, these tools effectively become their workspace and these digital workspaces must create an environment that fosters growth, productivity, and collaboration.

Harness the power of the cloud and give users the autonomy to work as needed and be more productive with Casper365. An Azure cloud-based platform, Casper365 completely automates the deployment of your SharePoint and Teams sites up to 60% faster.

Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites, improving productivity, and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types, and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is effectively managed and governed.

Digital transformation has never been more straightforward thanks to the tools and capabilities provided by Microsoft 365. Your workforce will no longer be left searching for project files or data. If they are part of the project, they are part of the group — if they are part of the group, they will have instant access to all the information they need. The Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online experts at Casper 365 are here, ready to help you make your business the best it can be!

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