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Dynamics 365: How the latest release can unite and safeguard your company and client’s data, with help from Casper 365

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Microsoft’s latest release offers Dynamics 365 records to users when they conduct a search for data on,, and This means a user can simply and effortlessly find the most appropriate client and company data saved in their Dynamics 365 Dataverse environment without needing to log into an app or switch contexts in order to find the data they might need on a regular basis.

This release offers various advantages including:

  • Integral data security: Dynamics 365 outcomes will only be seen by the users that have the access needed to the connected information.
  • Speedy setup: Simple to construct and retain the search connection to Dynamics 365.
  • Simple to use: Users can simply and instantly find vital data collected in Dynamics 365, without requiring a new page or app to navigate to.
  • Straightforward to find: Dynamics 365 content is clear and apparent to users in SharePoint,, and
  • United search experience: In order to sustain a unified experience, Dynamics 365 results are constant across every search entry point. No matter where a user looks, they will receive the same results with identical feel and looks.

When a user searches for a result, the findings are classified under Dynamics 365. The user will then click on a particular search result which will then direct them to the Dynamics 365 app which will open the record. In this environment, there is no requirement to conduct any further searches or take other steps to find the record.

Supporting search results on, and take a couple of easy, straightforward steps that can be done by an Admin with the correct permissions and access to the company’s environments.

Dynamic 365 is the perfect tool for organisations looking to protect their company’s data, safeguard client information and create a unified search experience. However, many businesses need guidance and assistance when it comes to setting up and enabling the right tools in order so they can be used in the right way.

All this can be achieved with the support of Casper365!

The Casper365 Azure-based cloud platform includes a mix of bespoke SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates, Casper365 templates, and SharePoint Online support. These templates include SharePoint Online starter kits, project management, auditing, and document management. Casper365 leverages your cloud platform, automating your SharePoint and Teams sites by up to 60% faster, improving productivity, and driving user adoption. You determine which users create sites, what types, and how many they can deploy, ensuring your environment is effectively managed and governed.

With automatically deployed business-ready solutions in Casper365, you can empower your teams to be productive, and safe in the knowledge that the governance is completely under control.

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