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Crisis Management Template

Connect people and information during virus outbreaks like COVID-19 through to unexpected weather emergencies

Crisis management template free

Free Crisis Management Template on Casper365!

Microsoft builds a crisis management site to connect people and information during virus outbreaks like COVID-19 to unexpected weather emergencies.


Keep people informed, engaged, and moving forward during crises from extreme weather events to health & safety emergencies. This template creates a central resource for leaders and communicators to share important news and announcements. A single source of truth where people can stay up-to-date. And a place to connect people across the organization.

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Sign into Casper365 using your Workplace/Organisation Office 365 account to access the Crisis Management free template.


Once signed in, click on catologue on the left menu, select the Crisis Management free template and click on the Activate on Tenant button. 


Then click Site Provisioning on the left menu, this will deploy your selected SharePoint template directly into your Microsoft tenancy.