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How to achieve a successful migration?

We have all heard the horror stories about migrations exposing secret data companywide, how do you manage the movement of your data during a migration, in a way where you can be assured that your data is safe, and the correct users have access to the correct documents?   Migration can be a drain onContinue reading “How to achieve a successful migration?”

SharePoint Migration Plan

To get the most out of any SharePoint migration, it is important that you do not just view it as a lift and shift exercise, but that you can actually improve.    Whether you are looking at moving from on premise to the Office 365 cloud, or a change in your business such as a merger, acquisition or a restructure and you have the need to moveContinue reading “SharePoint Migration Plan”

Migration Beta Program

Do you regularly work with data merge or migration to the cloud?   Have you seen things go right and wrong more than a few times, and have great ideas on best practice?   If you’ve answered yes we would love your valuable input on the migration focused tooling we are developing!   We areContinue reading “Migration Beta Program”