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Casper365 for Sales

Introducing the Aardvark Sales for Teams Solution – Powered by Casper365.

This solution is deployed directly into Microsoft Teams using the Casper365 provisioning service

Casper365 sales sharepoint deployment

Casper365 for Sales is a Microsoft Teams based App created by our partners JFDI


Deployed directly into Microsoft Teams for you this new simplified sales tool really leverages the power of the Casper365 deployment engine.


Microsoft Teams is a great place for teams to collaborate. But sales activities just aren’t catered for. And your old CRM just doesn’t fit in. Aardvark Sales for Teams to the rescue. Manage your sales pipeline in the same collaborative workspace you use for everything else.


Aardvark Sales for Teams brings order to your sales opportunities. Each team can represent a product area or department. Each channel can be a vertical market and you can use Aardvark in multiple tabs for competing sales teams.


Easily view the status of your sales pipeline. Direct resources at key sales opportunities, to close them while they’re hot. Encourage a more collaborative approach to sales, improving the relevance of generated leads and the quality of sales won.

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