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M&A – how to achieve a successful migration?

Mergers and acquisitions are a massive drain on your IT resources, what with Office 365 tenant migrations, the merging of multiple Active Directories, understanding and setting relevant administration rights, understanding how to structure your SharePoint data and much more. The biggest challenge you face is realizing synergies and planning how to take these forward successfully, whilstContinue reading “M&A – how to achieve a successful migration?”

Modernize your Microsoft workloads with Azure

With Microsoft Azure, you can improve IT application management time by as much as 80% and experience cost savings of up to 82%!  Microsoft applications and Azure have been built to work better together with flexibility, high compatibility and hybrid capabilities. Run Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics and other Microsoft server software in Azure.Continue reading “Modernize your Microsoft workloads with Azure”

New metrics show how Microsoft Teams is helping the business world survive COVID

Microsoft Teams has reached 115 million daily active users (DAU)*. This growth reflects the changes in the way organisations have been forced to work due to the pandemic, finding ways to keep communicating with remote workers and for teams to work collaboratively away from the traditional office environment. MS Teams has really stepped up toContinue reading “New metrics show how Microsoft Teams is helping the business world survive COVID”